Who is Rich Kelley?

I retired with 22 years in the USN Submarine service, and 7 years with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) R&D for Under Sea Warfare. I began working at a Volvo dealer in Fairfax Virginia in 1997 after graduating from Lincoln Technical Institute (13 months). In the summer of 2004 I changed jobs to Don Beyer Volvo of Alexandria. I have always been a do-it-yourself kind of guy; my first auto re-build bumper to bumper was a 1966 VW bug. I have some knowledge of the older RWD Volvos but FWD Volvos is what I spend most of my time with. I met Charles (Volvospeed) on the Net about 5 ½ years ago and then later in person.

The Bay13 (my old bay number at work) Maintenance and Repair section of the site was started by the two of us to help out the weekend Volvo enthusiast maintain their FWD Volvos. The Chiltons and Haynes manuals are a good start, but in time the Bay13 site will be the place to Maintain your 850 S/V/C70 Volvo. We didn’t build them or break them but we’ll do all we can to help you fix them. All posters are welcome, on the message board, let us know what kind of Volvo we are talking about (1995 850 turbo w/79800 miles). Please no slamming of cars, people or repair shops. If you have an idea for a posting at the Bay13 site let me know.

Who is Mr Winkey

The name is David. I have been turning the wrench since the 80's. After tearing multiple cars apart in the back yard, one before I had my license. I jumped into the career professionally in 87/88 at a very green age of seventeen. I feel that I was fortunate enough to have...as I call it an "apprenticeship" for approx. 4 yrs. I was dropping trans axles outta 911's at the ripe age of 19 and chuckin' their Slim Whitman cassette's in the back seat on a re-installed roadtest.

That's how it began. Now lets "Fast forward" 10yrs. Somehow I ended up happily married ,with a son and my own 1 man shop specializing in Swedish Cars. Where did the time go??

I found Volvospeed many moons ago that was linked to me from a Saab site. I lurked and eventually joined as member #170. Credentials are not important to me nor am I here to promote anything. I just enjoy sharing my knowledge in hopes of bringing back the Swedish car's that got me into this to begin with. I have continued to stick with the site and enjoy helping the enthusiast here when time permits.

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