Volvo 850 Instrument
Cluster removal

From Bay 13

Instrument cluster removal Volvo 850

         Tools required : 25 Torx screw driver or something similar, I use a 25 torx bit in my 12V drill, small flat tip screw driver for prying. Light bulbs if replacing burned out ones. A couple of rags to keep from scratching the instrument cluster when removing it from the dash. If you have had squeaks in the dash you might want to have some felt tape handy to tape up possible sources prior to reassembling.
         To start, drop the steering wheel down and back as far as it will go. Most of this can be done from the drivers seat. Start with the left side of the dash. Take off the small round plastic cover that hides a 25 torx screw, and remove the screw.

         After removing the screw, gently pry out the bottom while pulling down and back on the side vent. Now take out the formally hidden 25 torx screw shown below.

         Now you need to remove three of the vents to gain access to�. You guessed it 25 torx screws. The three top left vents have to come out, one to the left of the instrument cluster two to the right. By turning the vent down as far as it will go and then forcing it a bit more you will notice it comes unhooked slightly, and by moving it up/down you will be able to free it from the dash. Note the arrow shows the side coming out a bit.

         There are 5 torx screws across the top of the dash that will be remove. One each in the vents and two on the top of the instrument cluster.